Fire Alarms


J&J Electrical select and design technically capable and reliable fire alarm system that ensure advanced fire protection for small businesses through to large corporate organisations.  All our fire system designs and fire alarm system installations conform to NSI standard. We use our experience and knowledge in installation to provide solutions for a broad range of industries. J&J Electrical provide an ongoing service and alarm monitoring solution that ensures your fire alarm system is reliable and up to date. Systems include:


Non-Addressable (Conventional)

Non–Addressable fire alarm systems use simpler technology and are suited to smaller applications where they are more cost effective than an addressable system. A non-addressable system may use fire detection zones, which are usually represented by LEDs on the control panel. Each zone identifies a specific area of the building in order to speed up the locating the source of a fire.



Addressable fire alarm systems, and their corresponding control panels, are more advanced than their conventional counterparts and offer a higher degree of programming flexibility and single point detection. The system can be configured to provide a wide range of flexibility, with components controlling a variety of devices. This works by each device in the system having its own ‘address’, allowing the control panel to monitor and control the state of each individual device connected to it.



Radio/wireless fire alarm systems provide a fire detection solution using secure wireless connections between the field devices and the control panels. Based on proven technology, these systems comprise wireless sensors, sounders, beacons and call points and offer unique advantages when compared to the installation of hard wired systems.



VESDA (an abbreviation of Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) is a laser based smoke detection system. The name VESDA has become a generic name for most air sampling applications. The name VESDA is a trade mark of Xtralis.



Our CCTV systems come with full colour cameras, day and night functions and optional Infra-Red LEDs for night vision capability. The great thing about these digital CCTV systems is they can be accessed and monitored from practically anywhere in the world via the internet and 3G/4G mobile apps.



Internet Protocol CCTV, also known as IP CCTV, is often known as the future of CCTV security systems, and it’s also one of the most popular solutions on the market.


Analytic CCTV

Analytic CCTV systems do far more than simply record images through positioned, passive CCTV cameras. A smart CCTV system which automatically detect, track and analyse movements of people and objects.


Offsite CCTV Recording – Safe Recording: Remote CCTV Recording Solutions

A typical CCTV Installation will have the recording equipment (DVR) located at the site, this is all well and good in most scenarios however there are some instances where the CCTV data is critical. We now offer offsite CCTV recording where the data from your site is recording to our site in the event a break-in, fire or anything else that could interfere or render the images useless at the physical location. 


CCTV maintenance

A full CCTV maintenance and repair service for new and existing clients, to ensure that your CCTV security system never lets you down. We offer flexible maintenance and repair solutions to suit your needs.

Access Control systems


J&J Electrical specialise in a range of access control systems to suit individual needs, all with the aim of granting access to authorised personnel and keeping unwanted persons out of restricted zones. 


Standalone Intercom systems 

For many companies, an intercom system is not only a good access control method, but it is also useful for other purposes such as communication between departments and buildings


Swipe card access control systems

This is a straightforward but highly efficient access control system, involving cards that must be swiped in specially designed readers to gain access to a restricted area.


Pin code keypad systems 

This tried-and-tested access control system simply involves setting a pin code, which only authorised personnel are provided with


Proximity readers activated by proximity key fobs

An easy to use but still highly secure system, proximity readers are able to recognise ‘contactless’ cards or fobs held within a range of a few centimetres.


Biometric fingerprint recognition 

This advanced security system grants or denies access based on a quick scan of a person’s fingerprint, which of course is an individual credential that cannot be replicated.


Time/date access control 

If you need to specify and manage certain access rights to individuals, such the exact times and periods of access to a particular area, this is the ideal solution for you the internet or 3G/4G


Technical integration with other systems

Looking to add an extra layer of security? No problem, as when installing your new access control unit, our installation engineers can easily integrate it with other systems you use within your premises, such as time/attendance recording systems.

Intruder alarm systems


We’re the experts in security for both homes and businesses, and we only use the very the latest technology to provide the best protection possible against unwanted intruders.


Our systems are designed and installed with the utmost durability in mind, to ensure that they will last as long as possible and give you the best value for money.


A intruder alarm system from J&J Electrical is a sound investment, remaining functional in the long-term and protecting premises for years to come. 


If you have spent years building up a successful business, why wouldn’t you choose the best quality alarm system available? This is the level of security that we at J&J Electrical can offer.


We can design and install both wireless and hardwired intruder alarm systems for your business. 

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